3D printing

We will make a prototype, prototype or series in metal and plastic

3D scanning

Let's make a 3d model of a physical object, import into any CAD


We will perform calculations, optimize the design, develop the product


We manufacture products from prototypes to series. Dozens of available technologies


We finish the CNC machining in accordance with the requirements

Download your model and find out the cost


3D print

An extensive arsenal of modern high-tech additive equipment allows us to quickly get prototypes made of various materials. We suggest you print models of metal (stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and others.), Plastics (ABS, PLA, etc..), Compositions of cutting patterns (casting). We present to you a video 3D printer works:


3D scanning

Several mobile high-precision scanners allow us to perform the translation in the digital model of almost any objects, even at the customer premises. The service is especially important for complex geometry objects. We also provide precision analysis services, transfer models from point clouds to polygons. How does the 3D scanner can be seen in the video:


3D modeling

We provide a full range of works on 3D modeling, including: the creation of the drawing model, structural analysis by finite element method. After the necessary calculations in the majority of cases it is possible to find new engineering and design solutions to significantly reduce product weight, improve overall performance.

Processing models

Processing models

For the finishing of manufactured parts to the required parameters for surface quality, accuracy, and other characteristics of our modern workshop meets metalworking. In our arsenal: cnc, heat treatment furnace, grinding and polishing equipment. We offer watch a video on metal: